7mm (to the foot) Finescale Railway Model Engineering

O-gauge Model Railway Layout: West Calydon, which has become Loch Calydon

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Nigel and Derek with their West Calydon layout at an exhibition

West Calydon - design and build Work started on the West Calydon layout in 1990 as a collaborative venture between Derek and Nigel; both had been building O-gauge rolling stock for some time but were lacking anywhere to run it other than a few lengths of PECO track joined together.

The layout, from the very outset, had to be a compromise as Derek was modelling the pre-grouping Caledonian Railway circa turn-of-the-century whereas Nigel was modelling the Great Western in the mid-thirties.

Somewhat regrettably from Derek's point of view the layout took-on a most definite GWR air - it wasn't a conscience decision, it just seem to happen. Probably due to the fact that much more is documented (for modelling purposes) on the GWR than virtually any other railway company.

After-all, the name chosen for the layout in the first place is formed from Great Western and Caledonian with the subtle change of the e to y. An appropriate name to reflect that in the early days neither of us had sufficient stock (GWR or CR) to run the layout. Consequently, it was exhibited as a jointly operated layout and not the only one of its kind, I might add! As a rule, only the goods stock was hauled by both CR & GWR locos.


West Calydon in its original form - The Early Days
West Calydon in its original form - Caledonian
West Calydon in its original form - GWR
West Calydon in main-line form  
West Calydon - last GWR services
Loch Calydon - new through services For many years the layout lived in Nigel's garage, where it was built. When Derek moved house it presented the opportunity for an extensive layout in the attic. The decision was taken to cease exhibiting West Calydon, install it in the attic and convert it to a through, double-track main-line station. Nigel in the mean-time had other plans - see below.
Loch Calydon - latest news
Wyke Cross Junction - latest news Whereas the West Calydon layout was primarily a branch terminus designed to be exhibited, this new layout is to be semi-permanent with the greater proportion housed in the garage. West Calydon was designed to the classic branch terminus format as, at the time of conception, both Derek and Nigel hadn't looked beyond the possibility of building sufficient stock to operate a small layout; essentially, stock for small branch trains: tank or small locos with tenders, plus a couple of coaches and a dozen or so goods vehicles. Had Derek and Nigel not instigated an O Gauge Group and designed and built a Test Track, both of them would have been quite content with what, at the time, seemed a fairly ambitious construction programme. Neither of them really anticipated that their combined stock would include representatives of the largest classes of locomotives of the GWR, LMS, LNER, SR and BR. Hence the move towards layouts with the capacity for main-line expresses. Derek is to re-work West Calydon into a double track through running layout, and Nigel's embarking upon a single track, out and back (via a loop in the garden) main-line.




Special Excursion to Loch Calydon

7 mm finescale (O gauge) Devon Belle train comprised of scratch-built Merchant Navy or Battle of Britain class loco hauling
a rake of 'Golden Age Models Ltd' Pullman cars - special excursion format of 7 cars plus OBO.
Video of them running on the 'Loch Calydon' layout - non-stopping excursions. Sorry about squeaking pick-ups.