LATEST NEWS - Feb '09 & Jan '07

Loch Calydon "on YouTube" Feb 2009

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Loch Calydon : "New Platform" Jan 2008

Full length view of the new platform that replaces the original goods' one.
Cardean hauled train comprised of WCJS en route to Scotland.

Note, in the above picture, that the point that fed the end-loading siding has been removed. Other alterations to the trackwork are planned for access to the new goods yard - see later. The cattle dock and the other structures and building are to be relocated at the same time. 

View of the southern end of the platforms. Note the original platform (rear) has had a ramp end added.

Construction and finishing of the new platform has been similar to the original one - as far as we can recall. It has now been some years (at least 10) between the two activities, so there's some continuing debate. So far so good! The real trick is in the blending, so that the two platforms don't contrast, too greatly.

View along the new platform - in the direction of Scotland

Side view of the new platform.

The layout is to have a width-ways extension for the site of the new goods yard with facilities for handling large goods trains.

There's even talk of additional scenic boards on the far side of layout with a single track line (disappearing into a cutting) to a small terminus station in the other room (door just visible). Under consideration is a further line (forming a triangle) from this terminus back to the outer main, which will allow trains to re-join the main-line north and also to be reversed.