West Calydon:

The Early Days

View from operator position looking towards the bridge.

View of station area from fiddle yard end. Small engines mainly!

There's a definite GWR flavour to these two early pictures - before the weeds, brambles and bushes were added. Basic grass!? is roughed-up wool blanket sprayed green. The edges of these areas are blended to the basic ground (ash) with a sand and ash mixture.

View from the station end, again from the operator side. CR & WCJS in evidence.

Close-up of the bridge which acts as the scenic break before the main-line and the goods headshunt feed into the fiddle yard.

Note the ghostly vision of a part scratch-built GWR Mogul (later materialised as loco no 5318) caught by the camera. The CR goods brake van is scratch-built from plastic card. The wheels is the CR 3-plank wagon are victims of the build standard of the point-work which was constructed to be compatible with Slater's finescale wheelsets.