West Calydon - Main-line

Photo: Dorset Echo

The layout represents a medium-size branch station (on a double track main-line) with a goods yard serving a market town, in the heart of the English country-side. The track diagram (below) shows the exhibition form of West Calydon when connected to sections of the Weymouth MRA Test Track. When exhibited in this form, main-line trains and large goods trains are run: mainly GWR, LMS & SR together with some BR steam stock.

The layout features 2 platforms and end-loading facilities for goods, as well as the parcels bay. The majority of the layout occupies two 8' by 2'6" basboards and with the amount of trackwork little room is available for scenery. Three curved boards extend the platforms and add to the setting of the station.

(Photo: Nigel Locke 1999)

This picture shows the joint between the original platforms of West Calydon and the newly constructed extension platforms on the curved sections; they blend together better now they've aged.

(Photo: Rob A. Sept 2000)

Wider view with curved sections in the foreground - note footbridge helps to hide platform joints.

(Photo: Nigel Locke 1999)

Picture of the end of the outside platform. GWR King class "King George VI" about to leave with the down Riviera.

(Photo: Dave Riches 2000)

Shortly after leaving the station (and passing the signal box), the tracks pass over a lane and a small river. Loco "Duchess of Sutherland" heads an up LMS express.

(Photo: Dave Riches 2000)

Just to show that we do run goods trains. Here's one of the longest 40+ wagons, no problem for the Beyer Garrett!

(Photo: Nigel Locke 1999)

The scenic section ends with a double track tunnel from which a GWR Castle hauled express is just emerging. GWR King class in foreground.

This layout was available for exhibitions, measuring 32ft by 14ft with run-through fiddle yard.