Wyke Cross Junction is Nigel's new 7mm finescale project

Whereas the West Calydon layout was primarily a branch terminus designed to be exhibited, this new layout is to be semi-permanent with the greater proportion housed in the garage. The decision to build a more permanent layout was made in light of the fact that the O Gauge Group now has their own layout "Connaught Road" to exhibit, and no longer need to rely on the West Calydon layout. The removal of West Calydon to become a permanent layout in Derek's Railway Room has freed-up the space in Nigel's garage for the new layout.
As mentioned above, West Calydon was designed to the classic branch terminus format as, at the time of conception, both Derek and Nigel hadn't looked beyond the possibility of building sufficient stock to operate a small layout; essentially, stock for small branch trains: tank or small locos with tenders, plus a couple of coaches and a dozen or so goods vehicles. Had not the O Gauge Group built a Test Track, both of us would have been quite content with what, at the time, seemed a fairly ambitious construction programme. Neither of us really anticipated that our combined stock now includes representatives
of the largest classes of locomotives. Hence the move towards layouts with the capacity for main-line expresses. Derek is to re-work West Calydon into a double track through running layout, and Nigel's embarking upon a single track, out and back (via a loop in the garden) main-line.

The basic plan for the layout is shown below. The return loop, to be sited in the garden, connects between the platform road at the top left of the diagram and the line at bottom left. The curved platform road of the station has a passing line which may be used for goods handling as well as allowing run-round of passenger train locos. Whilst the track plan shown provides for the basic operation there's quite a bit of scope for additions such as a engine shed at the lower left of the plan. My thoughts are the addition of another point at the end of the platform which feeds a single-slip inserted into the bay platform road. The single-slip then provides access to the engine shed. With another couple of points in front of the engine shed it becomes a double track facility with a kick-back siding, for stabling locos, running parallel with the bay platform road. However, the decision on such additions will have to wait until I've commenced construction of the baseboards and know in reality whether it's feasible.
Another early decision, to be made, is where the control position will be. I quite like the idea of it being sited in the middle of the station. It has the advantage that I will be able to see some of the outside loop from there, through the side-door - not shown on the plan. Again this decision will have wait until I've a larger scale drawing of the platforms and can figure-out whether there's enough room for an operator plus semi low relief stations building. Hopefully some fairly extensive platform canopies will hide the multitude of sins, but alas not the operator - do I hear you cry!!!!!

Proposed track diagram

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